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13th Annual Operation MacKenzie Delivers Holiday Joy

Vancouver, B.C. – Operation MacKenzie is built on a long family tradition of showing kindness to their homeless neighbours by delivering food, clothing and toiletries. For the past four years, Corwin Kwan has gladly donated to the project and volunteered his time. On December 14, 2019, this Sutton REALTOR® contributed more than 100 cups of hot chocolate and served the crowds of people who gathered at Pigeon Park, near the corner of East Hastings and Carrall streets.

Corwin originally joined this project because of Marion MacKenzie, who was a member of St. John’s Ambulance for nearly 60 years.

Each Christmas Eve, Marion and her husband Ken would bring their children to Pigeon Park to hand out oranges and candy canes to the less fortunate. “It was their way to educate their children that not everyone receives presents on Christmas and we must be grateful for what we receive,” says Corwin.

“As their children had children, so the family continued with the tradition until Ken passed away from ALS. A year later, Brent, an officer from the North Shore Adult Division of St. John’s Ambulance, asked Marion if she would be interested in continuing their family tradition. That is how Operation MacKenzie was initiated and it has been a growing success each year thereafter.”

Corwin has been active with St. John’s Ambulance over the past 25 years. He began by earning his first aid certification then he volunteered to perform patient care, as needed, at events around the city. For example, St John Ambulance offers extra aid at events such as Rogers Arena, Celebration of Lights, and Abbotsford Air Show. “I became a leader at two separate divisions, until I became part of the provincial team, which aided the overall program. I am now part of a third division where I am again a leader and Community Services Coordinator for duties.”

It takes a special person to volunteer to protect lives and bring the warmth of the holidays to homeless people. Corwin’s motivation is gratitude: “I am grateful for what I have, and I can provide comfort and warmth for those in need. Sharing is caring!”

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