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Challenge Yourself and Win

CANADA – Be a hero on a small scale. Major fundraisers such as golf tournaments and festivals have been cancelled due to the pandemic at the same time that many charities are assisting a record number of Canadians. High unemployment and the virus itself (more than 27,000 active cases and nearly 9,000 fatalities) has increased demand for food donations, shelter for people and pets, and supportive health, mental and social services. This is where you come in.

Set a challenge for yourself based on your passion. It could be walking, swimming, biking, creating artwork, performing music from your balcony, doing crafts, etc.

Captain Tom Moore, a 99-year-old war veteran, did just that. He set up an online campaign to raise funds in exchange for walking laps around his garden. His story made news around the world and he raised $30 million dollars for Britain’s healthcare system.

Personal fundraisers are easy to coordinate thanks to online services such as CanadaHelps.org or Facebook. In just a few minutes, and with no website design experience, you can set up an online campaign with e-marketing. These companies take a small percentage of donations as their fee, so you, the fundraiser, pay nothing.

If you do decide to take on a personal charitable challenge, we’re here for you too.

Share your story with us and we’ll do our best to make you the next internet sensation. You could also be our next Sutton Spirit Draw winner! The prize is $100, to be used as you wish.

Contact us to write your story for you free of charge. Please send a few details to lharrison@sutton.com or stories@suttonspirit.com and our writer will follow up to gather comments and a photograph or two. You will have the opportunity to review your story before it is published. The entire process can take as little as 15 minutes of your time.

Your story will be sent to local media and Sutton’s network. We will also feature it in our annual booklet/Referral Directory, which is delivered to more than 200 offices across Canada, and on www.suttonspirit.com.

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