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Dancers, Students and Neighbours Feel the Love

Woodstock, ON – As a Sutton Broker with major responsibilities, Jen Thomson makes it a priority to juggle projects so that she can contribute to her community. When the local school needs her help, she always tries to answer the call. She also serves as the Treasurer of the Home & School Association, is a member of the Mount Elgin Hall Board and assists at her daughter’s dance studio.

These projects have enriched her community and brought her a sense of satisfaction and joy.

Photo: Jen Thomson (far right) with Home & School Executives and the fundraising team.

“I love the way the kids at Harrisfield Public School come up to me and give me hugs when they see me,” says Jen. “I know the staff also appreciate all I do around the school and know they can depend on me for field trips, etc. when short-handed. Not every parent has a flexible schedule.”

As a member of the Mount Elgin Hall Board and serving on their Engage & Inform Committee, Jen contributes her business and people skills.

“I like being a part of my community and helping with the decisions on how to better serve neighbours. The Engage & Inform Committee welcomes new residents and fills them in about some of the goings on in the area and the idiosyncrasies of living in small, rural community.”

Jen supports the aspirations of her daughter and other dancers at a local studio. She volunteers on recital nights so that other parents can watch the performance without worrying about their children's costume changes.

Giving back to her neighbours is part of what makes Jen a success both professionally and personally. It is important to her and heartfelt.

“I find it important to give my time. I realize not everyone has a flexible schedule. Both the school and the community would suffer if they weren't able to provide events. What a crummy world it would be if we only thought about ourselves and raised our kids as selfish, narrow-minded people. Humans are meant to interact; our ancestors worked as a community and we should too.”

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