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Generous Donations Fund a Brighter Future

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Mississauga, ON – Caring for society’s most vulnerable is a deeply personal commitment for Sandy Casella. In 2017, she and her realty team donated $12,000 to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), which is the largest hospital in Toronto conducting research into these issues. Earlier this month, she donated $2,000 to Hats On For Awareness, an umbrella group that distributes money to numerous mental health initiatives and charities. Her commitment does not stop there—her goal is to raise another $13,000 for Hats On For Awareness by the end of 2020.

“One in five people are affected by mental health issues,” notes Sandy. “I’ve see how it can devastate families, so I feel it is so important to support each other and bring mental health to the forefront.”

“My life has been dramatically affected by family members who have dealt with addiction and mental health issues. I have been helped so much by other people. I just feel like we are in this together.”

Sandy’s team includes Michelle Martin, another Sutton sales associate with Sutton Group

- Quantum Realty Inc.*. They are committed to raising a total of $15,000 over three years for the Hats On For Awareness charity. A key aspect of their fundraising strategy involves donating a portion of their commissions from each transaction.

As a member of the Craig Proctor system and a real estate coach, Sandy also participated in an auction during a seminar last year. The auction raised money for the daughter of a Toronto-area REALTOR®. The little girl has a rare illness requiring specialized care. Sandy donated $23,000 to win a day of training with Todd Walters, a well-know American trainer. Collectively, the auction raised an outstanding $221,000 to help the girl and her family as they fight to save her life.

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