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Giving Hope to People Suffering from Mental Illness

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Hamilton, ON – Someone who is athletic, popular and humorous with great parents, siblings and friends is not a person typically associated with depression. Yet this is exactly what Ed Dunn Jr. experienced beginning at approximately age 18. His condition was compounded by drugs and alcohol. It was a dark place that he was determined to escape. By 25-years-old, he entered rehab and his sister Shari is thankful to his health care providers.

“Like a monstrous, thundering, dark cloud of a bully, depression had beaten the life out of my brother time and time again,” says Shari.

“Eddie struggled not knowing who to turn to and experiencing long wait lists for care. He also had no money to seek private help or for medication. Eddie found a doctor who listened and after seven ECT treatments, Eddie pulled out of the darkness and finally was able to catch a glimpse of a future.”

He rebuilt his life, but never forgot his journey. In 2001, Ed became a full time REALTOR® in his hometown of Hamilton. His sister notes that “he still shares his story with no shame and a little humor. Eddie has never been ashamed of his illness. He has been gifted with a wonderful sense of humour and he shares his story with family, friends and anyone who comes to him for help.”

Ed was a guest on a CITY TV program discussing anxiety in hopes that it might benefit others; he understands that there are many people suffering, but not everyone knows where to turn.

As a sales associate with Sutton Group - Innovative Realty Inc.*, he donates a portion of every transaction to St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation. His realty signage features a mental health logo and a message stating his support.

“I'm happy to say I have been healthy for some years now,” says Ed. “I am pleased to donate a portion of my sales to the community mental health hospital that saved my life. I love real estate…. Making people smile is what I live for.”

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