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Golf Tournaments Fore! Seniors and Wildlife

Kingston, ON – Rhonda and Brandon Grant, also known as Your Grant Team, were instrumental in two tournaments within the span of a month! The 3rd Annual Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre Charity Golf Tournament on June 29th, raised $6,640. The 8th Annual Southern Frontenac Community Services Charity Golf Tournament on May 27th, raised $6,406 for seniors’ programs. Although it was challenging to organize both, Rhonda is grateful to see how the community came together.

“Thank you to the golfers, sponsors, presenters and everyone who contributed to the success of these tournaments,” says Rhonda.

Serendipity played a role in getting them involved in both events. Rhonda’s daughter Brittanie had volunteered at the Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre (SPWC). The experience reinforced Brittanie’s goal of becoming a veterinarian and it inspired Rhonda and her children to launch the first ever SPWC Charity Golf Tournament. Over three years, the tournament has raised $19,727 to rehabilitate sick and injured wildlife.

The organizers of the 3rd Annual SPWC tournament were Rhonda, Brandon and Brittanie Grant and Melissa Miller. SPWC Director and Founder Sue Meech gave an inspiring presentation to the golfers and sponsors. She also let them know their contributions this year would help to save the lives of birds of prey. These majestic creatures often swallow lead sinkers and fishing tackle dropped by careless fishers. The birds suffer from lead poisoning, which can be fatal without treatment.

Rhonda and Brandon were recommended to Southern Frontenac Community Services by clients to organize this year’s tournament because SFCS needed a host.

“We live in Southern Frontenac, where seniors make up 22% of the population,” says Rhonda. “Southern Frontenac Community Services helps seniors remain in their homes by delivering meals and shuttling them to medical appointments and to the community centre for exercise and socializing…. It was a pleasure for Brandon and me to work with David Townsend and Andy Mills of Southern Frontenac Community Services.”

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