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Marathon of Volunteering

Vancouver, B.C. – David Eng covers a lot of miles for good causes. He recently served as the lead runner cyclist in the Blueshore Financial Mother's Day Run and the Oasis Shaughnessy 8K Run and zone cyclist in the BMO Vancouver Marathon. In these important roles, he helps to keep participants and spectators safe by ensuring that the pathway is clear. Pedalling at an average speed of 20 kilometres per hour, he asks pedestrians to step back from the race area while watching for hazards.

Prior to beginning this type of volunteer work, David had not cycled in two decades. His first experience was at the MS Bike Vancouver in 2012 and since then, he has been involved in more than 50 events for runners and cyclists.

Experience has taught him how to navigate the tricky aspects. “A runner runs around a 90-degree turn or uphill at the same speed as they do straight, but it is drastically different on a bicycle.” David speeds up in advance of corners and hills to keep pace.

“There were 18,000 runners at the BMO Vancouver Marathon this year and proceeds benefit many charities, including $50,000 for the Canadian Mental Health Association, an organization where I also volunteer,” says David. This is the seventh time that he has volunteered at the BMO marathon.

Knowing it can be more fun with a friend, David is typically joined by Carol Song (pictured top), a Mortgage Broker from Dominion Lending. Both enjoy volunteering in cycling roles.

“People are curious about what we do. When I meet with clients and they ask what I did that morning, or that weekend, I tell them I woke up at 4 a.m. and this is what I did. It makes for some good storytelling. It certainly adds to their positive perceptions of me as person. This is a nice feeling.”

Watch for David in more events this summer, including the Giro di Burnaby, POCO Grand Prix and the MS Bike Fraser Valley Experience among others.

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