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Mother and Daughter Request Materials to Continue Sewing Masks

Surrey, B.C. – Becky Zhou Hill heard reports of care facilities running dangerously low on PPE, so she got out her sewing machine and with the help of her 12-year-old daughter, Leah, they have produced more than 300 masks since early April. Becky is giving them out by donation; so far, they have raised more than $600 for the Surrey Memorial Hospital. Demand has been so great that she is running out of fabric and elastic. She asks people to check their sewing supplies for any extra they could donate to her project. “The demand has been overwhelming!” says Becky. “I have had seniors, people with asthma, hair salons, care homes, and grocery workers in the South Surrey White Rock community as well as nurses and other front-line workers contact me. One lady told me that her mom’s care home only had four days of masks left, so I took on her order.” Mother and daughter sew day and night whenever they have free time between work and Leah's homeschooling. Once an order is completed, Becky arranges a time to leave the masks on a table outside for people to pick up intermittently to maintain social distancing. “So far it's worked well, although we have had some take other people’s orders, it's rare. For those who were not able to travel, I was able to drop it off at their house.”

Word spread about Becky’s project through personal networks and social media. Her project has so far generated $600 for the hospital with a few people telling her they have been inspired to make additional, direct donations to the hospital. She thanks everyone who has shown support including numerous REALTORS® as well as house inspector, Peter Jesal, who donated $150. “Together we can fight this pandemic!” says Becky. “If we all put our heart and soul together and help one another, we can get over this quicker. I encourage people to come on board and help out, as well as donating to our front-line workers and those in need. One dollar or two does add up. In fact, anything helps, so if anyone has elastic and fabrics laying around in your closet....”

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