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New Option for Energy-Efficient Medical and Residential Structures

Toronto, ON – In the event of a second or third wave of COVID-19, Canadian communities may need to rapidly scale up their medical facilities especially for intensive care, testing and extended care beds. One solution is to use manufactured building systems combining structural support and highly efficient insulation. David Smeriglio, a Sutton REALTOR®, is pleased to also represent Feris Build Tech (ferisbuildtech.com). This Kingston-based company specializes in Net Zero ready building envelope systems by producing customizable building shells of structurally insulated floor, wall and roof systems that all work together. Units can be as small as 108 square feet and as large as is specified for either commercial or residential applications.

In addition to medical facilities, David is excited about the company’s Harmonic product to address Toronto’s “missing middle.” In July of this year, the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB), formally asked the City of Toronto to consider options to address the city’s housing crisis. Specifically, the board is concerned with the “inadequate and inappropriate housing supply and mix.”

David sees a partial solution in affordable, well-constructed laneway and coach homes. “I hope there is a trend towards multi-generational living in Toronto. Meaning where adult children and seniors can stay home longer but still have their autonomy and privacy. Lightweight, precision engineered, quick to construct, but structurally strong, highly efficient, well designed small homes on the same piece of land as the principle residence can allow this.”

Basements suites are another option, although not ideal. “Sure, a basement apartment is an option, but in my travels, most are poorly designed, have limited natural light, and lack privacy due to poor sound attenuation,” says David. “Cost to build with the Harmonic product is on par with typical construction, but with much higher performance.”

Whether for medical facilities or residential housing, Harmonic uses galvanized steel and expanded polystyrene to produce a modular, prefabricated building envelope system that combines structure, insulation, and a vapour/moisture barrier. It is up to 88% more energy efficient than traditional wood frame buildings and is resistant to mold and pests.

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