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Ready to Roll Post-Pandemic

Vancouver, B.C. – Life as we knew it prior to March 2020 was wonderful in hindsight: we enjoyed parks, sporting events, restaurants and shopping, went to the gym and had the freedom to travel virtually anywhere. This pandemic has put many aspects of life on hold. David Eng would normally volunteer an average of 14 times per year. He discovered his passion for cycling fairly recently and, since 2012, he has volunteered more than 80 times, most often on his bicycle as a route marshal and lead cyclist maintaining safety for athletes and spectators. So far this year, he has been able to volunteer only once.

In February, he helped out at the First Half Marathon. A highlight of the day was seeing former Vancouver Canucks superstars Daniel and Henrik Sedin cross the finish line.

“The experience at the First Half Marathon reminds me of what most Canadians are striving for: a return to life before COVID-19. With that in mind, I try to do my part. When I show a house, I wear gloves and a mask because I don’t want to contaminate the sellers’ homes. I require potential buyers to do the same.”

“In terms of infection rates, B.C. seems to be doing phenomenally. People here in Vancouver are quite diligent about social distancing. Stores encourage people to wear masks and some use infrared thermometers. People don’t crowd elevators.”

David joins other Canadians in following the health authority guidelines as he looks forward to brighter days. For now, of the 13 remaining volunteer projects he had committed to for 2020, most have been cancelled. Two in the autumn could proceed, if things improve. In anticipation of returning to his volunteer work, David is ready to roll.

“With COVID-19, the main types of exercise that a person could do are walking, running and cycling because gyms are only just starting to reopen, and the pools are still closed. I can keep cycling and staying fit in preparation for the time when the triathlons, runs and walks return to the Lower Mainland.”

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