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Sutton Quantum's Cash and Car Giveaway Contests

Oakville, ON – Clients of Sutton Group – Quantum Realty Inc.* have the chance to win amazing prizes. Just ask the recent winners of Sutton Quantum’s Driveaway Car Giveaway Contest. On January 21, at 2 p.m., crowds gathered at the South Oakville Chrysler Fiat dealership to watch Broker of Record and Owner Tina Gardin reach into a barrel full of entries to select the winner of a peppy and stylish Fiat. The lucky couple, Adlin and Numana Lewis, were clients of REALTOR® Cynthia Shaw.

“We are thrilled for the winners and know you'll love your new Fiat!” says Tina Gardin on the company blog. “Thank you to all of the Sutton Quantum agents and their clients for participating in our 2016 promotion.”

Jen Luchka, Marketing & Communications Manager, is pleased with the response to

Sutton Quantum's Driveaway Car Giveaway Contest.

“Another Sutton brokerage has held this type of contest in the past and it was very successful, so we decided to try it out as a client incentive in this hot real estate market,” says Jen. “We had very positive reactions from clients and our agents.”

On now, the Sutton Quantum Cash Giveaway is offering the chance to win thousands of dollars in cash prizes! Transactions with Sutton Group – Quantum Realty Inc.* from January 1 to December 31, 2017 automatically generate an entry for the prize draw. Broker of Record and Owner Tina Gardin will award $2,500 each quarter culminating in the grand prize draw of $25,000.

Pictured above: Numana Lewis, Cynthia Shaw, Tina Gardin and Adlin Lewis

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