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Traditions Triumph over Pandemic

Surrey, B.C. – When the team from Sutton - Premier Realty laced up their sneakers to play basketball with students from Harold Bishop Elementary on March 4, 2020, they didn’t know it would be their last game for weeks, or possibly months. They were simply enjoying a favourite community activity. A team from the office, typically including Broker Larry Anderson and sales associates, stop by the school every few months to donate grocery store gift cards for families in need, then play sports with some of the students. REALTOR® Nick Lal explains why he values this experience: “I enjoy coming out to play basketball with the kids because I want to make sure I am involved with the community as much as possible especially when it comes to the next generation of kids, who enjoy seeing a positive role model from the same neighbourhood.” On their last visit, three sales associates from Sutton – Premier Realty team delivered $120 worth of gift cards. The school principal had requested that they purchase cards in $10 denominations to help as many families as possible. The school distributes the cards discreetly to protect the dignity of the recipients.

Another office tradition involves donating Easter treats and toys to sick children and their siblings staying at Ronald McDonald House at the Surrey Memorial Hospital. Last spring, they delighted children with their surprises, but this time, they had to revise their plans due to the closure in Surrey.

Ronald McDonald House management welcomed their ‘contactless’ delivery of 30 gift bags at their Vancouver location. The treats and toys reached the kids just in time for Easter.

Pictured top: Physical Education coach, Marek Wiktorowicz, the Principal, Andrew Young, Nick Lal, Candice Hortelano, and the Vice-Principal. Pictured right: Rob Christensen delivers the office’s 30 gift bags to Ronald McDonald House.

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